7 Foods that Help Improve Metabolism

There are numerous foods that improve metabolism and even some foods that slow metabolism. Now, you should know that your metabolism plays a vital role in overall digestion, burning calories/fat and also staying healthier and happier throughout the day. While you may be searching for how to increase metabolism rate permanently, you should know that it is only possible by following a balanced diet, proper lifestyle, getting ample sleep, staying away from unhealthy lifestyle habits and exercising regularly. 

While you should certainly exercise to increase metabolism, there are indeed foods that increase metabolism and burn fat at the same time. While you can consume these foods for giving yourself a metabolic boost, you should not make any drastic dietary changes without consulting your healthcare provider or an expert in this field. On that note, here’s taking a look at some of the best foods that speed up your metabolism. 

Top foods that improve metabolism- Your 7 best picks

You already know that your metabolism is what keeps you going more efficiently each day. It holds responsibility for the number of calories burnt, undertaking basic body functions including digestion, breathing, blood circulation, etc. This also includes physical exercise including walking, running, standing and even sitting/sleeping among other activities. If you have a smoother and quicker metabolism, you will automatically keep burning calories faster in turn. This will make your life more seamless if you are trying to achieve a healthy weight threshold. 

Here are the 7 foods that you should never neglect: 


Surprised eh? Coffee is one of the biggest bets you can take with regard to speeding up your metabolism. Coffee can help enhance metabolism by up to 11% as per a study released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Other studies have also unearthed how people getting 27 mg of coffee per day (roughly 3-4 cups), actually burned 100 additional calories in turn! Now you do not require any other excuse to savour a piping hot cup of coffee every day. Of course, keep a tab on the added sugar and milk if you are trying to restrict your calorie intake! 

Pulses and Legumes

These are foods that improve metabolism greatly and should be a part of your daily diet. These come packed with proteins and fibre alike, enabling a longer digestion cycle for the body. This also means that your body will have to work more, thereby using higher calories, for breaking down these items alongside. Pulses and legumes also come loaded with arginine, the specialized amino acid, which may actually enhance the utilization rate for fats and carbohydrates within your body. 


Studies like the one conducted by the European Journal of Nutrition, have shown that capsaicinoids or special chemicals are contained in our humble chillies, generating body heat and speeding up metabolism along with accelerating fat burning. 


Eating an apple each day will truly help you stay away from frequent doctor’s visits as the legendary adage goes! It will also give your metabolism a massive boost. Apples contain rich Vitamin B and also potassium which enable the transformation of carbohydrates and protein into valuable energy for your body. You can simply start every day with a healthy and filling apple. Witness the difference for yourself! 


Eggs are rich in protein and naturally, the body will have to burn higher calories and put in added effort for digesting them. This is called the thermic impact that food has or something know as TEF. This is a major boost when it comes to boosting your metabolism and losing more weight in turn. 


One of the foods that increase metabolism, broccoli contains a magical ingredient known as Glucoraphanin and this is also contained in other cruciferous wonders like cauliflower. This helps in reducing the fat cell count within the blood, thereby enhancing overall metabolism and immunity greatly. 


One of the magical metabolism boosting spices, ginger works in a similar manner as chillies. It helps in accelerating body metabolism by increasing internal temperatures. It may also help in lowering appetite while helping you maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in turn. 


Hot peppers are a bonus food item that you can consider. They include cayenne peppers, bell peppers and even capsicum which all have capsaicin, as mentioned earlier! They will help in scaling up the rate at which all processes take place in the body. This includes burning more calories and even your rate of breathing! 

You can simply include these beauties in your regular salads and feel a major difference! For more health related information, visit the site for the best clinic in Australia.