7 Ways to stop suicidal thoughts

7 Ways to stop suicidal thoughts

Burnout and stress are two of the strongest provocateurs of negative or suicidal thoughts in mind. If we pick up any given survey, it is quite evident that the millennials are categorically finding it hard to cope with stress.

Having said that, people of any age group, at times, are unable to find the courage in the depths of their hearts to straighten out various situations in their life. This has nothing to do with strength or profound will. It is one of the most typical occurrences in one’s life to feel lost, confused, or even helpless. If we let our anxiety stay unchecked it can progress into depression which is one of the leading causes of suicide or suicidal thoughts. 

If someone is stuck in this quagmire, then the first thing to do would be to recognise these thoughts. Yes! The primary step where you need to show courage is to identify that your thoughts are going in a downward spiral. After taking cognisance of this situation, one should always, without fail, seek outside help for suicide thoughts. Life medical clinic is a health wholeness community that aims at providing ongoing and specialised assistance to people with diverse medical needs. Their team of specialists makes tailor-made efforts to assist the person and his family in dealing with difficult situations in an effective and fruitful manner. 

7 Methods to Cope With Suicide Thoughts

Solicit Help

You don’t have to dwell in a swamp of negative and helpless feelings alone. Identify the people or organisations around you that can provide you with a safe place to open up about your feelings. To that end, try to make a good choice about who you open up to, as you will need a non-judgmental and unbiased environment to do so. Organisations like Life Medical Clinic can guide you more efficiently when compared to family or friends as they are endowed with the expertise of therapists.

Divert Your Attention

It might sound easier said than done, but diverting your attention is an essential thing that you can do to rid your mind of suicidal thoughts. Go for a drive, take a shower, go for a walk or opt for a salon session. Do anything that takes you away from the chatter of negativity in your mind. 

Take Note of your Triggers

It might seem difficult at the moment but trust me, identifying your triggers is the most important step toward finding help for suicide thoughts. Identify the person, situation, or conversation that makes your mind go into that dark place. Once you can figure out your triggers, you will automatically be in a position to control the onset and intensity of your thoughts. 

Work Out

Exercising is the most effective way of releasing happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin in your body. Physically exerting your body will take your mind off the negativity, and you will find yourself brimming with newfound energy. Working out is a great way to keep your mental health in check. 

Take a Vacation

If you have the time and the resources to do it, try going for a vacation. If you can find someone to go with you, that’s well and good. Otherwise, a little solo travel can never hurt anybody. Choose a destination, plan your trip, inform your family and de-stress yourself by travelling to a new place. Travelling is a great way to nourish your soul and enrich your mind. 

Tune Out

By tuning out, we mean to imply mentally disconnecting yourself from the situation or thought that is causing this intense reaction in you. Make a conscious effort to watch and control your thoughts either by meditation or by talking to someone. Tuning out of a redundant situation is crucial to make way for new and positive energy. 

Make a Gratitude List

If you ever find yourself engulfed in suicidal thoughts, pause for a moment and make a gratitude list. Pen down everything that you are grateful for in your life and make sure that you include the minor things as well. A gratitude list or a gratitude journal is the easiest way for you to redirect your mind towards the positive things in your life. It will be instrumental to cope with suicide ideation.

We all have experienced suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives. With collaborative support and dialogue, we can find the necessary strength to change the tangent of our thoughts and cope with suicide ideation. Always remember that depression is not a one-way street. You can always find your way back from it. All you need to do is to know when to reach out. By reaching out, you will ultimately ensure that recovery is possible and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Life Medical Clinic is always there to guide you and handhold you through your path to recovery.
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