How to spot the best family doctor?

How to spot the best family doctor?

We all have a family, and their health care is our responsibility. But, unfortunately, sometimes we are so busy in life that we hardly get the time for routine checkups. 

Having a Family Doctor is always a better option to keep the vaccination and routine checkup done. Family Doctors are available in the medical centre, with a medical degree and training in GP practices.

Parameter for the Best Family Doctor

  1. We have to select the family doctor available in your nearby clinic. 
  2. Doctors must have a medical degree from a reputed institution and be in General Practice in your country.
  3. Must have experience in medical fellowship minimum of 5-10 years. 
  4. Look at their area of interest, such as Men’s Health, Chronic illness care, Travel, Psychological, Paediatrics, and Preventative health.
  5. Available from Monday to Saturday after phone appointment.
  6. Open for Phone Consultation.

Where can we find the Best Family Doctor?

Many medical clinics in Australia; are near your region and certified by AGPAL, GP Synergy Advanced Medical Training, etc. These clinics have experienced doctors and are open for service from Monday to Saturday on phone appointments. For example, suppose you reside in Waterloo, Bexley, or Botany; in that case, Life Medical Clinic is the best medical centre for Experienced Family Doctors that can help with Health Care, Vaccination, Paediatric care, First Aid, Small Surgery, etc.

Importance of Family Doctors in Australia

  1. Family Doctor is the first one you can contact for personal health. 
  2. In some special cases, we often need a doctor’s consultation and advice so a practitioner with my health record can prescribe better.
  3. If we need some advice while travelling, then a Family Doctor can assist on the Phone.
  4. According to WHO, Family doctors address 95% of daily health issues, including chronic diseases. 
  5. While at the workplace, we need an Experienced Family Doctor for our kids and grandparents at home.


We live in a world of the internet; we don’t take care of our health, and as a result, we get ill at an early age. We all need a proper routine checkup of our body and consultation for diet and intake. Visiting a big hospital for small issues kills our time, and we must wait for an appointment. So there are clinics with teams of General Practitioners, and we can choose as per the area of interest. We can select one Family Doctor and keep in touch with them for a routine family checkup and advice.