Six Effective Steps To Avoid Catching The Flu From Someone You Live With.

The flu virus causes a massive percentage of the population to fall ill. The flu virus, also known as influenza, affects nine million to forty-five million individuals and kills twelve thousand to sixty-one thousand deaths annually. Since the flu is very contagious, it can spread very quickly from one person to another. You should take many precautionary measures to control the spreading of the flu. 

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How To Avoid Catching The Flu? How To Avoid Catching The Flu From Family Members? How To Avoid Catching The Flu From Someone You Live With? 

If yes, read further to learn some of the best ways to prevent the flu from affecting you.

#1. Consume Good Levels Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D increases the immune level in the body. Sound immunity system ensures that you cannot catch the flu very quickly. Even if the flu virus enters your body, a healthy immune system will fight against the virus and save you from the flu.

#2. Get A Vaccine To Protect Yourself From Flu

Getting the flu shot will help you from catching the flu. The vaccines produce antibiotics to help your body fight against the flu virus. This significantly reduces your chances of catching flu and does not let the flu destroy your body.

#3. Use Gloves While Taking Care Of An Infected Person

The best way to not catch the flu from family members is to wear masks and gloves while taking care of them. Dispose of the masks and gloves after using them once. Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose and ears.

#4. Don’t Share Food Utensils With Others

Sharing the plate and spoon with the infected person will increase your chances of catching the flu. Even though sharing food does not always become the reason for picking the flu, remember that prevention is better than cure.

#5. Clean The Common Rooms Frequently

The flu virus can remain on the surface for about twenty-four hours. Sanitizing the common surfaces shared with the infected person will save you from getting sick. It is always healthy to clean the refrigerator, switchboards and kitchen slab once a day even if no one is sick at your home.

#6. Wash Your Dishes

If the infected person touches your dish, the chances of you catching a cold are more. So it is advisable to do your dishes. In this way, you will be the only one to touch the plates and the spoons that you use.

During the flu season, try to relax as much as possible. Do not stress out. Sustain from the activities that will reduce your immune system. Eat foods that help in producing probiotics. Stay at least a distance of three feet from anyone who is sneezing and having the symptoms of flu. Even though the flu can be cured, it is dangerous. Catching flu will make you feel very uncomfortable and restless. Try to get the right amount of sleep every day and stay safe. 

For more information consult a GP near you. You can also take an appointment at your nearest Life Medical Clinic (Medical Centre in Australia).