How Regularly Should You Check In With Your General Physician?

The right consistency with regards to consulting a doctor often lacks in society. People either overdo it by consulting a doctor more than what is required, or they underdo it by not going till the condition worsens. Now here comes the question -How often is considered adequate while consulting a physician?

The answer to this question is individualized, but there are few factors that you must have in mind in this process, and this is why we should get regular health checkups done.

1.  Don’t wait for a symptom to subside by itself for more than a day.

This is a common mistake committed by many of the people because of two reasons. Either they’re too busy to make time for an appointment with the doctor, or they think it’s an unnecessary expense. The solution to both of these reasons is just one, and that is your health. It matters more than your busy schedule and your financial situation. Few others think it is not okay to make a fuss out of one symptom. Well, it is OKAY because only the smallest sign from your body leads to the most critical diagnosis and even if it isn’t something serious, it’s always okay to confirm with an expert opinion.

2.  Keep updating your family medical history with your physician

Many diseases run in families and can manifest as a significant health concern at any age of life. Conditions with strong genetic predisposition such as cancers (breast cancer, stomach cancer) diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma should be intimated to your doctor to help you prevent or eliminate the disease at the earliest by regular screening. Make sure you choose the right GP.

3. Make doctor appointments an annual thing even if you’re disease-free

Although it might feel needless to spend money in a hospital annually when you’re not even sick, what you don’t realize is that only 10% of the symptoms and clinical conditions are visible to the patients and doctors. 90% of the diseases remain as subclinical infections that might unleash itself one day. You’re lucky if it doesn’t get severe, but if it does then, it might become too late to realize regular master health checkup would have done me so much of good.

4. Never skip follow up appointments

If you’re under-going treatment for a particular condition and you’re being asked to follow up with the doctor on a regular interval, do not take it casually. One main reason why re asked to follow up is to see how well your body is responding to the treatment started and also to check for the side effects profile. Furthermore, certain drugs like steroids require tapering of doses gradually, and that can be done only after the doctor examines you on a regular interval.

The importance of health checkups is immense if you have a chronic health concern like diabetes, thyroid disorders, seizure disorders it’s mandatory to regularly consult your doctor at least once in two months to keep your levels in check. The regular checkups can save you from uncertain times.