How to Choose the Right GP for Yourself?

How to choose the right GP for yourself?

Your GP (General Practitioner) also known as a family doctor, is usually the first person you go to if you experience any sort of health issue. They understand your symptoms, causes and other details for right diagnosis and treatment.

A GP has broad knowledge and skills to treat all the health issues you might suffer. Because your GP knows about you and your family, they can provide you suitable care and medicines. If you have any health problems, the first person you are going to visit is your family doctor. They will decide if you have to contact any other health professional or specialist.

General practitioners can take care of every age group’s health needs, from babies to elderly persons.

What your GP can do for you?

Your GP will give you the best care possible. You may see your GP for:

  • Minor injuries or illness
  • Health advice
  • Prescriptions for medicines
  • Provide you care if you have any chronic condition
  • Vaccinations
  • Care during pregnancy
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Care for your children
  • Care when you are feeling depressed
  • A medical certificate, certified document or report about any injury

How to choose the right GP?

  • Location:

Choose that GP near you. It will be easier to visit. You might find it more convenient to see a GP closer to your workplace rather than your home.

  • Opening hours:

Extended hours are an advantage during emergencies. You can contact your GP any time. Continuity of care is important for good health, particularly if you have any chronic condition.

  • Home visits:

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to visit the clinic. Home visits are an advantage to those people who cannot urgently visit the clinic. So, always ask your GP if they can visit your home.

  • Specialities:

Always check for the specialities and extra qualifications that might benefit you. For example: a doctor with a diploma in obstetrics can be very useful if you are planning to have a baby.

  • Information:

Posters and brochures make you aware of the importance of public health education. Look for the information sheet that tells you about fees, appointments, home visits and repeat prescriptions.

Looking for a GP in Botany?

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