Wondering how to stay healthy during flu season? There are several winter wellness tips that you can follow in this regard. Above everything else, you should make sure that you take your doctor advice and consult your GP if you have any queries. This will help you stay safe and comfortable all throughout winters. Here’s taking a look at some of these useful tips: 

  • Implement better habits- To stay well in winter, it is vital that you take all necessary precautions and implement healthier habits in turn. These will go a long way towards lowering the risks of contracting cold or flu along with other infections. Some of these habits encompass washing hands frequently, covering the mouth and nose with a tissue when you are coughing or sneezing and also avoiding contact with people exhibiting flu-Esque symptoms in turn. The elderly citizens, young children and those with weak immunity are susceptible to contracting flu or cold. GPs usually prescribe flu vaccines every 12 months in these categories. If someone catches the flu, he/she should stay home and limit contact with others. Rest, ample hydration, and prescribed medicines are the best way to recover swiftly. 
  • Eating suitably- You should maintain a healthy diet during the winter. Colder temperatures may impact your bodies by way of energy levels, metabolism and also food choices. Consuming items that have higher nutritional values is essential during winter. This will supply good fats to the body along with fibre, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Try consuming more root vegetables, including carrots and turnips, along with cauliflower, broccoli, oats and homemade soup with boiled vegetables. 
  • Remaining amply hydrated- One of the best health tips for winter is staying suitably hydrated at all times. With the drop in temperature, you should maintain your daily intake of water. Staying hydrated will help in the regulation of body temperature while enabling the blood to remove harmful toxins and also to carry oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body as well. Hydration means that your bodily functions are smooth and efficient, your energy levels remain high, and your immune system is working properly. It also helps in the proper functioning of your digestive system in winter, along with ensuring ample hydration of the skin in turn. 
  • Staying fully active- If you are thinking of ways and means to remain healthy throughout the winter season, you can try one of the easiest and most convenient quick fixes that are available for individuals at this time. This is nothing but staying more active physically. It is common to feel a dip in motivation during the winter months for staying physically active. However, you should motivate yourself intrinsically while also maintaining a regime of regular exercise and workouts for staying healthier all throughout. Exercise will firstly keep you warmer while boosting the immune system, and this will enable cells to circulate through the body while destroying and finding infections. Staying active also gives ample scope for detoxing the lungs while enabling avoidance of weight gain during winters. The Vitamin D garnered from sunlight may help in keeping the bones stronger. Staying active will also help in reducing high blood pressure. Daily workouts and walks will go a long way towards improving mental health as well, enabling us to ease our depression while also releasing de-stressing brain chemicals in turn. 
  • Asthma management- Asthma is an issue that impacts 1 out of 10 Australian citizens. Climate changes may often lead to asthma attacks being triggered, leading to major symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and tightness of the chest or even shortness of breath. Following the action plan for asthma given by the GP is a must in this regard, along with used medicated inhalers for this purpose as well. This will considerably help in lowering overall symptoms while reducing the risks of them turning into potentially dangerous and severe symptoms alongside. You should also keep an eye out for the growth of mould in the home. This is a fungus that flourishes in damp and dark conditions and also in cold weather. Health conditions spurred by mould include asthma, coughing, headaches, eye irritation and runny nose. Stop mould growth by suitably heating your home while ensuring proper ventilation and clean and dry surfaces at all times.
  • Staying warm is the key-  This may sound like the simplest hack of all, but you can get through winter without major hassles just by staying warmer. Cold weather is not good for senior citizens and those suffering from chronic health issues. You should make sure that you stay warm throughout the winter months while eating properly and staying physically active. Keep doors and windows closed whenever necessary while also drawing down curtains for blocking draughts. Wear multiple and light winter clothing layers if required. Consume hot beverages and hot meals each day as well. 

Following these tips will help you sail through the cold and flu season without any hassles.