How To Stay Healthy Inspite Of Changing Diet And Lifestyle

Modernisation of lifestyle and diet has definitely impacted the health and hygiene of people. Given the increased fast food production and consumption rate in the market, there has been a spike of obesity cases in recent times. So how do we stay fit despite all these changes taking place around us? Here are some best tips to boost your immunity.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

1. Adequate exercising – Daily exercise tips

Fitness is a combination of a balanced diet and adequate exercising. It is essential to know the tone and power of your muscles. Furthermore, you should know how flexible your body is. If all these three parameters do not touch the required limits, then it is high time you start working on them. Exercises can be of two types – Aerobic and anaerobic. The combination of both these types is ideal for maintaining a physically fit body.

2. Good food means good health – Tips on healthy eating

A balanced diet is hard to maintain, but it’s easier to know what goes into our stomach every day. More commonly, a malnourished diet in recent times is because of increased fat and simple carbohydrates, whereas the level of proteins, minerals and vitamins are insufficient.  Always choose a well-balanced diet.

Make it a habit to consume at least 2 vegetables or fruits in a day, and proteins (such as eggs and milk) should constitute 10% of your diet every day. Converting simple carbohydrates into complex carbohydrates like peas, beans, and whole grains can provide additive nutritive values.  These are the best foods to keep you mentally & physically strong. Always include seasonable food into your diet.

With regards to fat, although they make up nearly 30% of our diet on a daily basis it is essential to know what kind of fat goes into our diet. Unsaturated fats are more healthy and less hazardous to our blood vessels and organs both in the short term and long term.  

3. Regular consultation with your general practitioner – General health check-up with GP

Sometimes your body symptoms may not be loud enough to alarm you about an illness, but when you get your blood levels checked, abnormal results can turn into a reality check. A regular check-up with your GP can help you know how good or how bad your body is on a detailed note. If there is an issue to be addressed, then it is important to follow their orders strictly.

4. The rule of all or nothing does not apply to your diet – A healthy diet plan

You start the day with a healthy plate of food and at some point, of the day you start consuming junk. It’s not like you’re done eating healthy for the day and then you continue taking more of that junk food. It is always okay to realise that you’ve had enough junk for the day and step back on track. The more you let go of days like this the more nutrients you lose.

5. Cut down on alcohol and smoking – Only healthy drinks

One of the major lifestyle changes that have a negative influence on fitness is alcohol and smoking. Alcohol damages your liver gradually leading to hepatitis and cirrhosis, which is an irreversible destructive process. Smoking has an impact on multiple organs but mainly involves the lungs which can be detrimental.  Avoiding these are some helpful pointers to stay healthy.

Finally, it is important to realise that although you have several options of lifestyle changes to choose from, it is in your hands to pick the type that is acceptable and healthy to your body and mind. The importance of regular health check-ups should never be ignored.