Immunity-Boosting Tips For The Flu Season

Viruses and germs are taking a toll on our health and overall wellness. Eating healthy and sleeping well is just not enough to stay healthy anymore. We need to be strong from inside and out and for that, immunity plays a vital role. Immunity is a body’s way of responding to foreign substances and to get rid of them. Good immunity is a must to fight against the infection-causing germs. If your immune system is good, then you are less prone to infections and germs.

How To Boost Your Immunity

To lead a healthy life, you must have a good immunity system. It will not only help you avoid catching the flu but, it will also keep you healthy. Here is how you can boost immunity and stay healthy.

1. Proper Hand Washing

Wash your hands regularly and properly. Many people do not wash their hands well, especially the space between fingers. The germs and infection-causing viruses can survive on our body for a longer time and are transmitted from surfaces like doorknobs, tables, etc.

2. Steaming

The airborne viruses cannot stay for a longer time due to the moisture present in the air. Hot water steaming with saline solution can keep your nasal passages well hydrated and prevent the infection. Humidifying is also helpful to relieve chest congestion and promote peaceful sleep.

3. Peaceful sleep

Not getting good quality sleep can affect the immune system. Better sleep helps the body to fight against infection. The poor sleeping pattern is the worst health threat to mental and physical fitness. If you cannot sleep or have a poor sleep cycle, get an appointment with a GP.

4. A Balanced diet

Eating healthy is not a choice; it is a necessity. Eat a healthy, wholesome, and nutritionally rich diet. Include seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulse, and seeds. All this will help to build the immunity system. The immunity system is highly influenced by digestion, hence keeping your intestine healthy and well functional.

5. Say no to stress

The state of mind can affect your health in many ways. Long term stress can affect overall wellness. If you are depressed or are anxious about something, talk with your family or healthcare providers. A holistic approach towards medical care can help you to manage your mental health issues.

6. Work out

Regular mild exercise keeps your immunity system in check. It is extremely important to lead a healthy life and regular workout goes a long way. Indulging in exercise boosts blood circulation and increases the stimulation of white blood cells.

The immunity system of our body works 24*7, and it identifies and eliminates infections. The flu season is around the corner; hence it is important to stay cautious and away from the diseases. With the tips mentioned above, you can boost your immunity and stay healthy.