Top 5 Health Threats To Australians

The average mortality rate of Australia has reduced a lot. We are living a healthy life but there are some diseases which are affecting the quality of our lives and also leading to serious health issues. The lifestyle changes, influence of alcohol, overeating, and insufficient physical activity is particularly affecting the health of next-generation Australians. Good health is very important and should never be ignored. Here are the top 5 health threats which every Australians should be well aware of.

1. Heart health

Heart health is crucial, the cardiovascular diseases like blood vessel blockage, coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure etc can lead to death among females as well as males.  Cardiovascular disease can lead to early death and can also affect youngsters. Cardiovascular disease affects women more and can turn out to be fatal. Cardiovascular health is highly influenced by other factors including food, lifestyle changes. Obesity is considered as the major reason for cardiovascular diseases and insufficient physical activity increases the chances of heart stroke. Regular physical exercise and clean eating habits can prevent cardiovascular diseases and control the death rate to a great extent.

2. Respiratory Illness

In the last decade, pulmonary disease has affected the Australian, respiratory issues like asthma, palpitation, wheezing, blocked lungs can cause long term health issues. The chronic pulmonary diseases can lead to infected lungs and sensitive airways. Genetic factors and exposure to a polluted environment is the major cause of respiratory disease. In addition to the history of smoking, tobacco can also make the situation worse. If the respiratory illness is not treated on time, it can cause a great burden to the lungs and can also lead to death.

3. Diabetes

The cases of type I and type II diabetes have drastically increased in recent years, the major reason is obesity and overweight. Many cases go undiagnosed and can result in cardiovascular issues, stroke, and sometimes kidney failure.  Apart from type I and type II diabetes, ladies have drastically seen a hike in the cases of gestational diabetes and people under 35 years are majorly affected.

4. Hypertension

The case of high blood pressure is another most common illness among Australian. The increased intake of fast food and sodium consumption is the major reason behind hypertension. Family history, especially the genetic pattern from parents also can lead to high blood pressure. External conditions like stress, anxiety, medication can also lead to increased pressure in blood vessels.  In addition to it, lack of physical activity can elevate the condition and make the situation worse.

5. Cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease that has taken lives and still, research is going on to find the life-saving medication. Cancer remains the major cause of death in Australia. Each year more than 29% people die in Australia due to cancer. Cancer can affect lungs, breast, cervical, bone marrow, colorectal, liver, etc. Unfortunately, cancer can affect both youngsters as well as elders.  Proper treatment from the trusted health centres and timely attention can increase the survival rates for cancer patients.