Know When It’s Important To Bring Your Child To A Doctor

It is often seen that there an increased rate of fever & cold cases among children. Especially during the cold & flu season, children tend to fall sick more often. It is essential to take precautions and ensure that children don’t fall sick too often as it can affect their long term health.

As children are more prone to common diseases, it is essential to check-in regularly with your doctor. Fixing up a regular paediatrician is critical to the children’s health, and regular health check-ups are extremely important. Having said that, knowing how regularly should you check in with your general physician is also essential. There is no fixed rule for how regularly you should see a doctor and it varies from person to person. So it is important for you as parents, to know when and how regularly your child must visit a doctor for a health check-up.

Every child has a different threshold to every disease. Therefore, it is essential to judge your child’s immunity beforehand. 

Following are some conditions which require the immediate attention of a doctor:

1. High Bodily Fever (Rectal/Armpit)

If your child develops a high fever during a short period, you may require medical attention. Often, the fever can cause extreme fatigue & weakness. So, it is essential to bring the temperature down, and a doctor can help guide you on how to do this the right way.

2. Restlessness or Constant Headache

Headache may be a sign of a cold problem in children. It is essential to notice the symptoms first hand, which require medical treatment. 

3. Persisting Breathing Problem

If your child has a breathing problem, he/she may require an oxygen mask/medical treatment. It is essential to consult a doctor immediately in such a scenario.

4. Discharge from the Corner of The Eyes

If your child is complaining of an eye discharge, it could be due to an infection. Consulting a doctor as soon as possible helps in finding the right treatment.

5. Vomiting or Uneasiness in Stomach While Eating.

It could be a possible case of food poisoning or stomach infection. If the problem persists, the child will become weak eventually. Therefore, consulting a doctor is a top-most priority. 

6. Vaccination Shots Bringing Discomfort in Children

There are often chances that after being vaccinated, small children may feel discomfort. While completely normal, it is advisable to check in with a doctor to rest assured. 

7. Problems While Urinating

Burning or discomfort while urinating may be a case of a urinary tract infection (UTI). It also results in fever & pain. Therefore, in such cases, medical attention is mandatory. 


Children require more medical attention than adults. As they are in the starting stage of their life, they need proper care. These years will be fundamental in shaping their health for the rest of their lives. A doctor, in this case, will provide tips for leading a healthy life for children. Knowing when the child requires medical attention is essential. Therefore, constant medical attention from a doctor is vital.