COVID Care: 5 Alternatives To Handshakes That We Should Be Using

With the number of COVID cases increasing every day, people are very much concerned about the spread of germs. This panicking has led to many repetitive behaviours like washing hands frequently, using sanitizers regularly, wearing facemasks every day, and avoiding touching the face. The secret to leading a healthy life is to follow immunity tips and avoid contact with others to prevent the spread of germs.

Getting used to this ‘new normal’ is stressful for many, and it is evident for us to look for options on how to live with Covid-19”.

As humans, we want to be physically acknowledged; we need the proximity of fellow human beings. But, given the current scenario, any sort of contact should be avoided.

Social distancing has reduced the physical contact that we have with others. Instead of shaking hands, hugging others, we can take a few simple yet interesting preventive measures to reduce physical contact and in turn reducing the fear of spreading germs. They are as follows:

1. Hand Actions

  • Waving: We usually wave while we want to call someone who is at a significant distance from us. But it can also be used for greeting someone who is in front of us, and when it is combined with a smile, it becomes more pleasant. 
  • Elbow bump: Making your elbow collide with the person on your opposite side is a fun way to greet them, there is physical contact here, but it is safer. 
  • Saluting: This may appear more professional or patriotic, but as we are getting used to this new normal, saluting can also be accepted as a normal way of greeting someone.   
  • Miming a fist bump: Fist bumps are a cool and classic way of greeting, but in this season, you can just mime it, i.e., you can go in for a bump with the other person but make sure you pull it away before the skin touches. 
  • Making a peace sign: Peace signs usually spread positive vibes, the moment it is done by someone, it feels good. Now it can be used not only while posing for photos, but also while meeting someone.  

2.  Using your foot: This is the latest and trending way of greeting that has emerged during this year. Foot tapping/foot touching is fun and safer. There are even videos of people doing this unique greeting going viral on the internet.   

3. Other Gestures

  • Giving the nod: Shaking of our head is a simple sign for approval, and it is also an approved way to greet someone during this corona season.  
  • Yoga bow: This is when you bend in front of someone with both your hands joined together. This is popular in South Asian countries because it signifies respect and adoration. This can be perfect to greet someone.  

4. Saying ‘Hello’

Greeting a person verbally is as powerful as greeting them with a handshake or hug. This is a simple and classic way to start a conversation. 

5.  Blowing Air Kisses

Hugging and giving real cheek kisses to our loved ones can be extremely dangerous during this time. But air kisses are a cute and lovable way of greeting our loved ones.  

Meeting and greeting people during this period is a very challenging thing to do, but it can be made exciting and fun by following the ways as mentioned earlier.