We Need To Learn How To Live With COVID-19: Here’s How

Experts have seen and published the results, and they have discovered that the COVID 19 virus is not going to leave us so easily, at least not until the next few months. With new cases rising in number, this pandemic is likely to stay around in the near future. Experts have even warned the healthcare officials and workers that the pandemic can hit back with a second wave of infection down at the time of the falls.

There are some basic rules to follow as they are being issued by the government that can help people to stay healthy and can help them to prevent catching the infection. It is also advised to take all the necessary measures to stay mentally healthy during these challenging times.

How can you keep yourself protected in the pandemic?

Here are some ways through which you can keep yourself completely protected. 

  1. Always wear your mask and keep your face covered. It is important that you keep a mask to yourself when you are travelling in groups, or when you are outside. 
  2. Always carry a wipe and a sanitizer bottle in your hand. It is always better that you keep a sanitizing bottle so that you can use disinfectant in your hand whenever needed. 
  3. Keep yourself properly socially distanced when you are standing in a queue. It is important to understand that a proper distance of about 8m is always reliable. 
  4. Carry a face shield if you have forgotten to carry your mask. This is the best way to avoid catching the flu. 
  5. Avoid going into large crowds. Always inform the authority if there is an illegal gathering. 
  6. Make sure to cover your face with your hands while you are sneezing. 
  7. Avoid getting in touch with a person who is showing visible symptoms. 

Will there be a potential second wave of the virus?

We surely understand that the Covid 19 virus is going to be extremely challenging for a lot of people. As the nations are fighting together to eradicate the virus, a lot of other people are trying their level best to maintain the customs so that they can stop the infection. However, despite all the preventative measures taken by everyone, it is highly likely that there will be a second wave of the virus.

It can be said that the masks are here to stay, atleast for the near future. Until a vaccine comes out, it is likely that we will all have to follow the preventative guidelines. Thus, it is important to learn to live with the threat of the virus, taking all the measures for protection.