Five Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Attack

There are many ways to reduce heart attacks along with keeping yourself healthy for the long haul. Before getting into heart attack prevention methods, some facts and figures are really important. 

According to MD and Ph.D. Nancy K. Sweitzer, who is the Director at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center and Professor of Medicine at Arizona College of medicine-Tucson, has reported the findings from a study at the Karolinska Institute of Sweden. This shows that out of 20,721 healthy men in Sweden between 45-79 (observed for 11 years), men were able to lower risks of heart attacks by up to 80% with five lifestyle-linked changes. 

The study mentioned that risks go down by 36% when people do not smoke while they come down by 18% when people consume a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, dairy products with lower fat, nuts, fish, and whole grains. Risks also came down by 12% when people maintained a 37-inch waistline or lower. They came down by 11% for consuming less than two drinks of alcohol each day. They also reduced by 3% for moderate weekly or daily physical exercise routines while just 1% of study participants had all of these five lifestyle habits. On that note, here are some of the main heart disease prevention steps that you can consider implementing. 

Steps to prevent heart disease- 5 ways worth considering

  • Physical activity always counts- One of the biggest ways to prevent heart attacks is to increase your physical activity count. As per a study by the AHA (American Heart Association), just 1/3rd of adults get sufficient physical activity or 150 minutes every week or just 21 minutes per day (moderate activity levels). You should prioritize movement throughout your day since just sitting for more than 3 hours each day may lower your lifespan by a whopping two years! Try and get to 10,000 steps each day along with working out for 30 minutes. You can get hold of a pedometer or a smartwatch to track your daily steps and other activity. This will motivate you immensely, while helping you keep a tab on your workouts. 
  • Fish and plant-based diets are highly recommended- If you are wondering how to prevent a heart attack, start eating a diet that is richer in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and also fish. You can also lower salt levels in your diet alongside. Also, read about the food items needed to remain mentally healthy
  • Your diet should have higher fiber- The recommended fiber consumption count should be approximately 28 grams each day for every 2,000 calories consumed. Consumption of fiber helps enhance gut health while reducing cholesterol levels by 33% as well. For every 7 grams of fiber consumption each day, studies have shown 9% lower risks of heart disease. You should thus look to scale up your overall fiber intake for a healthier heart. 
  • Cut out processed sugar and food items- You should always look at eliminating processed items and sugar in your daily diet for better heart health. Processed fats come with sugar, salt, and unhealthier fats, leading to higher risks of heart disease. Read product labels carefully, eliminating products with higher sugar and excessively high sodium. 
  • It is all in the mind- Emotional and mental health contributes to lower stress and reduced risks of heart disease. Anxiety, anger, and depression are all triggers for heart disease. A positive and happy approach towards life and better stress management will go a long way towards keeping heart attacks at bay. Yoga and meditation are also regarded as great options in this regard. Take up a hobby, get into physical activities, enjoy nature, write down your thoughts, think about everything that you have and are grateful for, invest in building good relationships, serve the underprivileged and those who are less fortunate, read and listen to music. Whatever you do, make sure that you take proactive steps to cut down on stress. The more you keep stress at bay, the more successful you will be in fostering better heart health. In fact, if you do not have anything else to do, simply spend time with your family members and loved ones. This will recharge and energize you like never before. 

These are the five ways for reducing heart attack risks along with maintaining a healthier body and mind alongside. However, if you are suffering from any issues related to your heart, do consult a good healthcare provider for the best treatments.