How To Deal With Panic Attacks

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Several people suffer panic attacks due to a sudden bout of stress, fear, and other factors. During panic attacks, the person need not be awake. It can happen even when asleep, hiking, or just sitting on your couch. People suffer from panic attacks in a crowded room or where it gets noisy. Going to a peaceful spot to calm your nerves and reassess your thoughts can reduce the symptoms and help them get back to normal again.

Panic attack symptoms

The most apparent panic attack symptoms are visible to a bystander and kept felt by the person suffering in varying intensities. 

  • Pounding heart
  • Sweating 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Trembling

The symptoms can last from a mere five minutes to a good twenty minutes. People who have frequent panic attacks would have learned to recognize it.

There are emotional symptoms that accompany, as well. The person may experience fear and anxiety

or could have the feeling of constant worrying and a notion of something going wrong all the time.

Panic attack treatment

Avoiding stressful moments is one way of dealing with lessening the number of panic attacks. Living in fear of a panic attack can make you feel depressed. When experiencing an attack, keeping your breathing under control will help. By taking quick and shallow breaths with closed eyes can help calm down. You can also do meditation and yoga for health benefits.

Utilizing various methods to reduce symptoms

By practising relaxation techniques and exercises, you can actually reduce the number of panic attacks you are experiencing. There are several approaches to deal with panic attacks, touching objects with varied textures, temperature, etc., identifying different smells, or trying to change the taste of your mouth with candy. Finding out other sounds, checking out if you can differentiate them, and even find out the source.

It is basically diverting your mind and getting rid of the fear factor established in your mind. People have distressing thoughts or troubling memories that could have caused a deep sense of fear embedded in the minds, which can trigger panic attacks.

According to various studies conducted on people suffering from panic attacks, it appeared that when panic attacks happen, changing focus can reduce the other stimuli and reduce symptoms considerably. Certain objects you are fond of or catch the eye can be objects of fantasy for people who have bouts of panic attacks.

Those who frequently bouts of a panic attack and last for a more extended time need to be on medication. Usually, the doctor may prescribe mild doses of depressants to keep the mind calm and prevent it from getting alarmed at the slightest of triggers. Those who shake involuntarily may need muscle relaxants. The high tensions aren’t good for the aged person or who is already unstable, facing panic attacks.

It has to get noted that medications can be highly addictive and must be taken carefully and according to the prescribed dosage by a qualified doctor for the specified period of time. Always have a proper diet to be mentally healthy.