What Is The Role Of An RPT In Healthcare?

Diagnosis and treatment of patients are very common for a Registered Physical Therapist or RPT. They are responsible to help a patient to walk again. Through guided treatment, an RPT assists patients to relieve pain which has been a part of their life for a long. 

Patients who have limited access to free body movement, seek medical help from an RPT. The patients are treated by physical activities and medication to enhance their mobility and also boost their quality of life.

What is Physical Therapy?

RPT in healthcare helps patients to avoid surgery and also lower the requirement of extensive prescribed drug intake. They are certified therapists who understand human anatomy. The relationship of an RPT and their patient can be long term as physical therapy requires several appointments to get the desired result.

Physical Therapy is completely based on physical exercise where the therapist works on the pain areas and helps to mobilize the affected part of the body. This therapy is also used to reduce chronic pain in patients. Every health care organization have their registered RPT at service.

What is the work of an RPT?

On the first appointment, an RPT will check all medical history of the patient and will consult to know the difficulty or pain of the patient. After seeking all medical information, he will then prepare a plan for the treatment which will last at least for months. 

According to the plan, he will execute the treatment process directly with the patient. The RPT will be responsible to teach physical and functional exercises to the patient to enable movement and ease of muscle.

What are the responsibilities of a Physical Therapist?

  • Consultation- During the first visit to an RPT, he will provide consultation and will seek all medical and past health conditions of the patient.
  • Diagnosis- He will diagnose the present concerns of the patient and will frame a treatment module to help the patient to recover from the dysfunction or pain.
  • Treatment- The treatment of a physical therapist is completely based on stimulus, massage, and exercise. He will conduct the treatment one and one with the patient and will also guide him to carry out the same at home for fast recovery.
  • Assistance- In case if the patient is confined to a wheelchair or other mobility tool, the responsibility of an RPT is to assist his patient during the treatment. 
  • Recordkeeping- A Physical Therapist must track and record all medical development of his patient. This will help him to analyze the recovery rate of his patient.
  • Medical Advice- A good RPT also provides medical advice to the patient and his family regarding certain exercise which the patient needs to continue even after the treatment. He will also advise the patient regarding the use of a specific device if prescribed by the RPT.

The role of an RPT can be challenging, but it is immensely rewarding to be able to help a person find a new perspective of life by relieving their pain.